Sada Bike: Hub-less bike that folds to the size of an umbrella

Sada bike folding bicycle

A bicycle that folds down to the size of an average umbrella! Yes, you heard it right. This prototype bike dubbed as Sada Bike is a spokeless bicycle that folds into itself to reduce its original form down to just a mere stick like form for easy transportability in a backpack. Sada Bike is made from a system that anchors the wheels using small frame and a clamping device. This allows for quick folding into the compatible backpack.
Sada bike folding bicycle

Although there have been folding bike designs in the past but this one is quite different as it has no spokes or hub, thereby making it compact when folded. The wheels used in this bicycle are 26-inch in diameter and they completely detach from the main frame for maximum compactness.

Sada bike folding bicycle

The makers are looking for investors who can help them make this design a reality and reach the end-users. You can find more details about this bike on their website.

Source: SadaBike Via: Gizmodo



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