iLuv Selfy smartphone case for shooting flawless selfies using rear camera

iLuv Selfy smartphone case

If you are obsessed with taking Selfies, then the chances are that you might never get enough of shooting yourself. The best one can do is to get an accessory that helps you in getting that much craved for picture to become the hot sensation of social-networks. iLuv Selfy smartphone case is the world’s first case cover that has an integrated wireless remote for triggering the shutter button of the phone when using the rear camera.

Not only is this case useful when it comes to taking high quality Selfies with the rear camera, but it is perfect for clicking pictures or making videos from a distance. For example when you want to shoot a video with friends on a birthday party, or take that excellent perspective shot when skate-boarding alone in the park.

All you have to do is to setup the phone at some location, remove the wireless remote from the back cover and then press the wireless remote button to take photographs or shoot videos from your mobile device.

At this point in time iLuv Selfy smartphone case is compatible with iPhone5/5S, Galaxy S5, iPad Air and iPad mini; but we can expect support for other mobile devices too. The price of Selfy Case is set at $50 and if you want to extend the functionality even further then you can the compatible mounts for $20-$25 USD.



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