Etihad Airways offers hotel-style luxury residence in the sky

The Residence by Etihad

In an effort to lure private jet passengers back to commercial airlines, Etihad has developed a hotel-style apartment aboard the Airbus A380. Premium Airbus A380 offering was recently unveiled at a press conference in Abu Dhabi. Dubbed ‘The Residence by Etihad,’ the home in the sky features a living room, two separate bedrooms and ensuite shower room. Interestingly, Etihad will limit one residence per A380 aircraft, which will rest in the upper-deck cabin and will be available for single or double occupancy with its own butler.

The Residence by Etihad

The residence prices are going to be thrice more expensive than regular first class, but starting at $20,000 for a flight from Abu Dhabi to London, it will be way more attractive than upwards of $160,000 that people end up spending for a similar flight in a private jet. In addition to the luxury abode, the new A380s will also feature novel First Apartments (first class). First Apartments are private suites with separate reclining lounger, full-size bed, mini bar and swiveling TV.

The Residence by Etihad

Etihad will also rename the business and economy classes of the new A380s to Business Studio and Economy Smart Seat respectively. The upper deck will house 70 Business Studios with personal passenger suites featuring 22-inch wide seat, 80.5-inch flat bed and a separate ottoman. Economy Smart Seat will have ‘fixed wing’ headrest for greater passenger comfort along with an 11-inch personal screen.

Etihad Airways First Apartments

Etihad Airlines has placed order for ten customized Airbus A380s first of which is due for delivery in December. Last A380 will be received in 2017.

Etihad Airways Business studio

Etihad Airways First Apartments

Via: CNN/GulfNews



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