Vibrating pill aimed at curing chronic constipation

Vibrant capsule for chronic constipation

Suffering from constipation? Having those irritating pain-inducing movements in the stomach? Then you are surely suffering from chronic constipation. No matter how much medication you take, this digestive disease returns back because your bowel is not able to push the waste material forward. Now a team of researchers headed by Yishai Ron, research leader and gastroenterologist at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center are testing a multi-vitamin sized pill that induces movement inside the lower intestine that pushes the waste down and prevents any constipation.

Invented by Israeli company Vibrant, the capsule-sized vibrating pill measuring 22x11mm is a much better alternative to medication. In tests conducted on 26 patients who had very little bowel movement, in-fact only twice a week, took this pill and noticed improvement in their bowel movement.

This vibrating capsule has a small vibrating engine inside it that is pre-programmed to start vibrating after six to eight hours of swallowing. This vibration contractions in the intestine that helps in passing the stool through digestive tract.

Now researchers are looking to expand the finding of this capsule presented at Digestive Disease Week and further explore the potential of this capsule for completely getting rid of stomach disorders.

Source: Vibrant



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