Microsoft Wearable Personal Information System is a smartwatch for sure

Microsoft Wearable Personal Information System smartwatch

Microsoft is working on a very new kind of smartwatch for sporting fanatics that will have everything from a heart rate monitor to a compatible docking station that functions as an alarm clock. One important aspect of this Microsoft patent published by US Patent & Trademark Office is Microsoft’s desire to make a smartwatch that is ultra-compact and waterproof to keep the effect of external elements like sweat and water at bay. The Wearable Personal Information System by Microsoft includes a portable information device that has all the electronic components like processor, compass, GPS unit or electrical connectors.

Microsoft Wearable Personal Information System smartwatch

To overcome the problem of connecting band breaking overtime in wristwatch like wearable devices. Microsoft has proposed a system that has band connected to the main frame and mounting structure via tongue and groove connection.

The optical sensors of this smartwatch relay a signal to the processor which shows the measured biometric parameter of the user’s vital body functions. And the optical sensor emits a light onto the skin to measure vital functions like heart-rate or perspiration level.

Via: ZdNet



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