Yay3d VR Viewer converts 7-inch tablet into virtual reality 3D entertainment system

3D printed VR Viewer by Yay3d

Unless you can seal the fact that this little gadget is a virtual reality viewer for your 7-inch tablet, there is no way you will understand why you’d need a device like this. Nonetheless, the VR Viewer by Yay3d is a 3D printed gizmo that you can snap onto any 7-inch Android tablet or iPad Mini and enjoy high-definition VR content. The VR Viewer snaps onto a Nexus 7 tablet or iPad Mini and easily converts it into a virtual reality 3D entertainment system.

3D printed VR Viewer by Yay3d

3D printed in strong flexible ABS plastic, the extremely lightweight (84g) VR Viewer comes in blue frame with red lens holders and offers users an immersive wide field of view (up to 90+ degrees). Super easy and quick to attach, the Viewer can be used to view a range of 3D content and also relish many Oculus Rift videos from YouTube.

3D printed VR Viewer by Yay3d

Kids can also use the VR Viewer to play virtual reality games on Android tablet or iPad Mini. Obviously, it would have been an added benefit to make the VR Viewer a head mounted device, instead of a handheld gizmo to be placed in front of the eyes during use, but at $49, VR Viewer looks a great device for kids and occasional VR entertainer for all.

3D printed VR Viewer by Yay3d

Via: Yay3d/RoadToVR



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