Zero maintenance 3D printed bike wheels

Rodin Mountain Bike Wheels

3D printing is good, but 3D printing on steroids is even better. Rodin Wheels has developed a prototype of structurally strong hollow bicycle tires that are made using 3D RSR technology for one-piece structure having tough hook bead rim. Using this technology mountain bike wheels can be produced in just 5 minutes for an estimated price of $200. Best bit about these 3D printed mountain bike tires is their zero requirement for truing and never requires pinch flats. The first prototypes of Rodin’s 3D printed wheels were done by Solid Concepts who used traditional 3D printing method. But the manufactured version of these tires are going to be made using 3D RSR technology.

For now Rodin’s ultra-durable aerospace grade composite bike wheels are up on Kickstarter platform for funding. These wheels are ideal for adventure junkies who like to traverse any kind of terrain on their bike. If the project manages to gather together the requisite funding amount then you can expect these wheels to be really popular for the ultra-strength they provide without any maintenance.

Source: RodinWheels Via: Kickstarter



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