DermoScreen iPhone app detects skin cancer at early stages

DermoScreen iPhone app detects skin cancer

Having cancer can be the worst thing that can happen to an individual and if it is skin cancer then it is even worse. Efforts to detect skin cancer at the earliest possible stage is something that researchers around the globe are looking for, and Hyperspectral Camera is one example of that. And now George Zouridakis, a professor of engineering technology at the University of Houston has developed an app that uses your iPhone as a skin cancer detector. DermoScreen app that functions with an accessory that goes by the name Dermoscope, magnifies the iPhone camera view and tracks for any signs of melanoma.

George is developing this app since 2005, especially for people who live in rural areas, away from any medical specialist who can screen for signs of skin cancer from a suspicious mole or lesion. Any normal medical practitioner can get an iPhone, the Dermoscope attachment for $500 and DermoScreen app to make skin cancer detection a lot easier.

DermoScreen is going in the right direction as it has received $60,000 Grand Prize at the 2013 California Dreamin’ National Business Plan Competition assisted by team of students from University’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. The students produced a business plan for this app and accessory which caught the attention of investors and now this cancer detection app looks all set to debut in the coming months after final stages of research and testing.



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