Could Android Powered Motorcycle be a reality?

Android powered motorcycle

Man and machine can be in perfect harmony when every component of your automobile is being tracked by super-efficient brain that keeps track of every mechanical component. Cars have got their fair share of Android-powered brains but motorcycles have not been that lucky so far. Now a conceptual Android Powered Motorcycle changes all that as it shows how a motorcycle would be designed based on Android infotainment systems. Unlike cars or other four wheelers, a motorbike has a very small dashboard and limited interaction space, so getting in all the vital details like location, diagnostics tools, security etc. has to be done very tactically.

An app can sync every little detail of the bike and real time changes on compatible mobile devices so as to detect any signs of a problem very early. For example if the fuel is getting low, the system would flash a warning and all the nearby gas filling stations or maybe if there is a problem in the spark plug, the user would get an early warning. Even better, you could lock and unlock your bike from a distance with your mobile device without a fuzz.

Although a concept, but this iteration could change the way motorcycles of the future are designed. The possibility of an Android, or any other OS powered motorcycle is very likely as wearable technology will also incorporate bike accessories that help you drive better on the roads.

Credit: MyGadetic



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