Hitcase iPhone case by S3 Performance turns your smartphone into a GoPro

S3 Performance Hitcase iPhone Case

There’s an inherent risk in taking a selfie while you’re in a kayak that’s floating in the middle of a lake or sea—your iPhone may get drenched in water. Even when you’re not close to large bodies of water, there’s always the risk that you may be caught in the rain unprepared which will most likely spell ‘game over’ for your iPhone if it comes into contact with the slightest contact with water. You should remember that any damage caused by liquids is not covered by Ap­ple’s warranty, so it’s best to opt for a protective casing such as the S3 Performance Hitcase, which is engineered for the ultimate adventurer.

The S3 Performance Hitcase is the ultimate adventurer’s iPhone accessory, specifically designed for an active lifestyle, and for those who love the outdoors. For those into outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, surfing, mountain biking, skating, skiing, or snowboarding, the Hitcase grants you adequate protection for your iPhone so that you can snap photos and videos without worrying that you might damage your smartphone.

S3 Performance Hitcase iPhone Case

To withstand the most demanding conditions, this premium-quality iPhone case is made of impact-resistant ABS/Polycarbonate and is supported by a PORON vibration-dampening pad making it one of the sturdiest cases that’s currently available in the market. Its waterproof capabilities allow it to be submerged as deep as 10m underwater—the deepest that any protective, touchscreen-capable, iPhone case can go. The Hitcase provides top-notch protection while allowing you access to all of your phone’s features while on the go.

Another great feature of the S3 Performance Hitcase is that it’s both wearable and mountable (compatible with GoPro mounts), which means that you can turn your smartphone into your very own action camera. The case also features a 170-degree, wide-angle lens to ensure that you are able to capture your outdoor adventures in vivid detail.

S3 Performance also provides users with a downloadable free app called the Vidometer, which is an upgrade over your iPhone’s standard video functionality that tracks speed, elevation, G-force and more in your videos to complement the action-cam capabilities of the Hitcase. With the S3 Performance Hitcase, you won’t have to leave your iPhone behind next time when you’re headed out on your next thrill-seeking adventure. Wear or mount your device and allow it to record every wave you overcome or every trail you conquer.



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