Parrot BeBop Drone provides in-flight virtual reality view with Oculus Rift glasses

Parrot BeBop Drone with SkyController for Oculus Rift

Drone manufacturer Parrot is looking to up the ante with its line-up of drones and the new entrant in this elite league is BeBop drone. This high-end drone is loaded with a 14MP fish-eye lens (6 element) capable of shooting high definition 180 degree wide-angle shots with amazing image stabilization. The quadcopter has WiFi connectivity option which extends its flight range to a distance of 2km and although it has battery life of just 12 minutes on one charge, it is still a photographer’s delight. Parrot BeBop Drone can be controlled with iOS or Android mobile devices with Freeflight 3.0 app, making it ideal for shooting short clips or breathtaking aerial views.

BeBop is powered by a dual-core CPU, Quad-core GPU and 8GB memory giving it all the processing power to stream live feed to a WiFi connected mobile device. You can also plan flight path using GPS connectivity and Flight Maps that make it easy for you to set designated locations for the drone to fly. The 2Km range of this drone comes courtesy the SkyController that docks in your iOS or Android tablet and has ergonomic joystick controls to maneuver the drone with maximum precision. Thanks to the 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure sensor and ultrasound with reach up to 8 meters; this drone is a flying computer that has every data information.

Parrot BeBop Drone with SkyController for Oculus Rift

BeBop drone weighs less than 400 grams even with the attached monohull frame, and measures 28x32x3.6cm, giving it ultra-flexibility in flight. But that is not all, this UAV has something that will make it even more irresistible. The drone’s SkyController can be connected to Oculus Rift head mounded augmented reality glasses or Zeiss Cinemizer to give an amazing in-flight view of drone flight. Now, that is some good news for geeks.

Parrot BeBop Drone with SkyController for Oculus Rift and Zeiss Cinemizer

There is no news on the pricing of Parrot BeBop Drone and the SkyController, but it is going to be available in the latter half of this year.

UPDATE: Fresh news has arrived from Parrot that BeBop is going to be available from next month for a price tag of $500 form the Parrot stores. Parrot has also released a new video transcript of Bebop drone that you can watch below.



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