Pint-sized Jamaican Bike made from lighters in a jiffy [w/video]

DIY Jamaican Bike by Kyle

Creativity has no bounds and it doesn’t always take loads of money or time investment to come up with something amazing. A Jamaican boy, Kyle, who chooses to do creative stuff in his pass time, has come up with a unique DIY that turns lighters into small bike toy, proving that inventive mind can morph anything into something it was never meant to be. Talking two lighters and a mystery glue, Kyle made a small bike toy that is so miniature, even a mini figurine would find it hard to fit in.

DIY Jamaican Bike by Kyle

The Jamaican boy calls it the Jamaican Bike and shows it off to his friends who are just perplexed by the small form factor of this bike. The video explains how this toy bike is made using two lighter heads and the Krazy Glue that binds it together in place by heating with flame of lighter itself. Have a look at the video below and make one for yourself. And do tell in the comments sections how it was.



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