3D printed virtual reality headset, VR SmartView makes smartphone an immersive media display

VR SmartView 3D printed virtual reality headset

Ever since Facebook acquired virtual reality gaming venture Oculus VR, virtual reality market has become the next big thing. After the 3D printed Yay3d VR Viewer, VR enthusiast can now welcome the VR SmartView – a 3D printed virtual reality headset. The lightweight head mounted display slots in a smartphone to offer the wearer a mobile immersive media display. Developed by four Queensland university students, the VR SmartView was recently adjudged the winner and most commercially feasible product at the first ever Start-Up Weekend in Sunshine Coast University, Queensland, Australia.    

Priced at AU$99.95 (on pre-order), the virtual reality headset requires a user to slot their smartphone into it. By doing so, they can enjoy 3D movies, games and all sorts of mesmerizing 3D content from their smartphone without the need of any wires. VR SmartView is compatible with all the leading smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia and HTC to name a few. The VR SmartView team was awarded a $15,000 cash prize for coming out as winners in an event where 17 startups and over 40 people introduced their innovations to a panel of 4 judges.

VR SmartView 3D printed virtual reality headset wins Start-Up Weekend

Via: 3Ders



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