Microsoft Xbox One will come minus the Kinect controller for $399

Microsoft Xbox One gaming controller comes without Kinect

In a move to give the stagnated sales of Xbox One gaming console a boost, Microsoft has thrown in the towel and decided to sell the Kinect controller separately. As you would know, the Kinect motion sensing controller came bundled with the gaming console, but due to stiff competition from Sony PlayStation 4, they have decided to sell Kinect individually to give the shave of around $100 off their gaming console. Microsoft will sell Xbox One gaming console for US$399 from June 9, which is almost same as the Sony PS4 controller, and hopes to revive their dwindling sales soon.

It is almost a year since Microsoft announced their next gen gaming console with hopes of capturing the major chunk of gaming entertainment market, but they have been left flabbergasted by the developments. Perhaps, that explains their move to remove Kinect from the package of Microsoft Xbox One and stay abreast the competition.

Microsoft claims that they are going to sell separate versions of the gaming console; one that has no Kinect and other that has the controller bundled. And to add they claim that the one with the Kinect accessory is much superior to the new one.

This decision has not been made in a haste and initiated after feedback from Xbox users and prospect buyers who wanted Kinect to come as an optional accessory and not as a bundled accessory that extends their budget.

One more announcement made by Microsoft would please Xbox users. Until now Xbox One and Xbox 360 users required an active paid Xbox Live Gold membership to access entertainment apps like Youtube, Hulu or Netflix; but now the users will have free access to over 170 gaming and entertainment apps.

Source: Microsoft




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