Wall-mounted computerized chess board, for when you get bored of sitting

Wall mounted electronic chess board DIY project

Artless Dodger is a chess fan and an eager DIYer who loves to make cool stuff in his free time. His new creation is simple yet interesting to make and gives playing chess an all new twist. This wall-mounted electronic chess board game is made from wood veener squares and although the design is very simple, it is a good DIY project to embark on if you are chess fan. Initially the chess set wasn’t electronic but then sensors were included so that the player could play against a computer mind, rather than making the moves manually when second player is not around. The auto-sensory method embedded into the wall-mounted detects every move the player makes and responds with the best corresponding move.

Each block in the chess set has its own LED indicator which indicates the next move of either player and before making any move the player has to press the corresponding block button so that the computer registers the move and knows the position of each piece on the chess board.

Since the Chess board is vertically mounted, to hold the pieces in place, glass shelves are used as a very simple and effective solution. The project seems very intriguing and for chess fans all the instructions along with the make process is provided on Artless Dodger’s website.



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