Modillian smart strap turns any ordinary watch into a smartwatch

Modillian watch smart strap

Smartwatches are indeed revolutionary gadgets that are all set to change how we see the next 5-10 years in wearable computing and electronic devices. But having a smartwatch means that you would have to give up on the traditionally classy watches you loved so much. So, what does one do if they don’t want to give up wearing the classy mechanical watches but still want to have the inherent functions of a smartwatch? Get a Modillian smart strap that is a wearable communication gadget for relaying notifications from your Android mobile devices. This niche wearable gizmo allows you to wear any watch of your choice and also brings in the basic functions of a smartwatch.

Modillian smart strap connects to your device via Bluetooth and vibrates every time you get a call or message on your mobile device. The vibrations can be customized to your liking, so that you can distinguish between a missed call and a message.

Although this watch accessory doesn’t have the fancy music control or other smartwatch functions, but still a good gadget for people looking at basic smartwatch functions.

Modillian will carry an estimated price tag of $200 and will replace the original strap of your watch. The project is all set for launch on Indiegogo on June 10 and only time will tell if it makes through to the production stage.

Modillian watch smart strap

Modillian watch smart strap

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