Google Glass again up for sale in US at the price of $1500

Google Glass

Google Glasses are again up for purchase and unlike the last time, it is not going to be just a one day sale which is good news for people in US. As a part of the Glass Explorer Program, the glasses will still not be a full-fledged consumer launch as that is planned for some time later this year. The Android-powered glasses will still cost $1500 and are only going to be up for people living in the United States. In the new batch for sale Google is expecting sports lovers, online retailers, travelers and different people to get hold of the glasses and start exploring even more possibilities.

Apparently Google Glass went on sale for the first time in 2012 and 2,000 pairs were up for purchase. Then, last year another 8,000 were up for sale and now this is the third time Google Glass is going to be available for purchase.

The hefty price tag of $1500 might keep some aspirants at bay, but the price isn’t expected to drop any time soon. Google is probably making this move to see the response of developers as well as casual users who are over-whelmed with the possibilities of wearable tech.

Source: Google Via: TheVerge



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