Brazilian restaurant’s niche idea turns food tray and smartphone into an interactive football game

The goal screen Giraffas football penalty shoot out

As FIFA World Cup 2014 is nearing, the excitement of football is transcending into the lives of fans worldwide. And it is ever so high in Brazil, the host country for this global extravaganza. Giraffas, a fast food chain in Brazil noticed that 90% of its customers are playing with their smartphones while having meals, and decided to come up with an interactive way to keep them busy while enjoying the food. Hence came idea of the Goal Screen which combines the real world dynamics and virtual world elements to come up with an interactive gaming experience that builds on the soccer fever that’s gripping everyone around.

The idea is to turn the food tray into a football pitch that has markings for taking a free kick. And where is the goal and football? Well, one end of this paper printed tray pitch cuts-off to form the ball, and your smartphone is the goal with a goal keeper there to save any balls shot at it. Once you form the ball by crushing and contouring the paper, you place it on the pitch and shoot with your fingertips.

The front camera, accelerometer and microphone of smartphone act as the input for detecting the location of paper ball hit on the screen, which then puts the virtual goalkeeper into action to save the goal. One can also play in multiplayer mode to challenge friends to a game of penalty shoot-out while enjoying a meal at Giraffas.

This niche idea of combining fast food tray and smartphone to provide its guest with football experience before the real thing kick-off is definitely cool.

Via: ITMedia



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