Could we see Samsung Gear Glass at IFA 2014?

Samsung gear glass

Just a couple of days ago Google announced the availability of their AR glasses which have set the tone for wearables in the last few years. And now a new development is surfacing regarding the launch of Samsung Gear Glass at the IFA 2014 in September. This outright Google Glass competitor will run on the new Tizen OS designed for wearable gadgets like Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch, giving one more reason for Google to hasten their R&D for the wearable augmented reality glasses. Samsung’s Gear Glass will have an ear-piece and heads-up display for the right eye to display the visual elements.

Samsung gear glass

Samsung Gear Glass design

The news was unearthed by Business Korea who claim to have had a word with Samsung associate claiming that the glasses will be introduced at IFA 2014 for sure. This claim is further supported by some of the recent patents being filed by Samsung that point towards a wearable glass that is a direct competitor of Google Glass. This patent clearly specifies a virtual projection keyboard that is used in conjunction with a virtual reality glass for seamless typing.

Whether or not Samsung is going to introduce their take on an augmented reality glass at the IFA 2014, but it is sure that Google is up for some stiff competition in the wearable tech arena.



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