Light Therapy Glasses stimulate sunlight to cure Seasonal Affective Disorder

Light Therapy Glasses cure Seasonal Affective Disorder

People suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) have a hard time coping with seasons and go into a state of depression. The only treatment for this disorder is to put the patient on phototherapy, light therapy, psychotherapy or even medications. But now a new kind of glasses are going to make the treatment of SAD hassle free and seamless for the patient, as students at Drexel University have come up with a pair of glasses for treating SAD.

Light Therapy Glasses cure Seasonal Affective Disorder

Lead designer Troy Hudson with help from Kevin Sacherman have designed the Light Therapy Glasses that simulate sunlight and trick the wearer’s brain into thinking it is summer time. This therapy is ideal for people suffering from SAD that induces a depressive feeling when winter or monsoon season is around.

Unlike other light therapy solutions that require you to sit in particular place these glasses can be worn like normal sunglasses and they do the work for you. The light is projected from the side of the frames onto the wearer’s face and retina to boost the serotonin level responsible for such a condition. In conjunction with the app, Light Therapy Glasses work perfectly and let you operate them from your mobile devices.

Light Therapy Glasses cure Seasonal Affective Disorder

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