Kid makes deadly air-powered Wolverine claws in his garage

DIY Fully automatic X Men wolverine claws

If you though Wolverine is crazy, fighting injustice with his metal claws, then you got to have a look at Colin Furze’s X-Men Wolverine fully automatic claws. This crazy garage inventor who hold many Guinness World Records, has set the internet on fire again with his latest DIY creation that is as cool as the Wolverine shown in movies. Hugh Jackman is going to be so jealous with this dude’s creation which can cut through anything with ease, and the razor sharp claws even spark when rubbed together. And not only is his creation outrageous but the way he shows it off is worth mentioning!

Colin made these retractable Wolverine claws from 12” stainless steel claws that fire out just at the touch of a button, and you won’t want to come close to these razor sharp knifes that can inflict some serious injury. The only downside is that you have to wear a backpack containing the air cannons to launch the metal knifes in a snap. However, that is way better than getting these metal claws incorporated as a part of your body, if that is even possible in real life.

In the video you can see how Colin goes around cutting through melons and inflatable human figures in the craziest way possible. And if you also want to make these Wolverine claws for yourself hang-on for the video that follows.

Source: Youtube Via: TechCrunch



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