Jins Meme – Sensory glasses warn when you feel sleepy while driving

Jins Meme glasses

Are you into the habit of driving at late nights when sleep sets in on express highways, inviting danger anytime? Or want to know your body condition without wearing those fancy gadgets that track heart rate and other things? Then you are going to love the Jins Meme glasses that measure your tiredness level, concentration and signs of sleep. This eyewear tracks your eye pupil and movement of eyes to determine your physical health and any signs of immense tiredness, thereby warning you every time the critical level is reached.

Jins Meme eyewear has six-axis acceleration sensor and the ability to sense electrical potentials (Electro Oculography) generated by the movement of eyes. In addition to these sensors there are three sensors installed in the frame where the face touches the glasses to sense any change in body physics.

These trendy glasses weigh just 36 grams and can be recharged to give 8 hours of continuous usage. They work with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android OS for tracking all the details of your body functions and of course to charge with a USB cable when the battery runs low.

Jins Meme glasses

This eyewear comes in a range of choices from normal glasses to sunglasses for summer days. The classic eyewear form is called Wellington, intellectual looking glasses as Half Rim and the Sunglass range signifies the fashionable teardrop range.

The glasses are all set to debut in 2015 in Japan at an estimated price of 70,0000 Yen which is around US$685. But the question is, are these glasses any good if we look from feature perspective? That question remains for you to decide on.

Jins Meme glasses



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