Japan’s Beverage Company to put world’s first billboard ad on Moon

pocari sweat on moon

With a vision to do a world’s first, Japanese beverage maker Otsuka is set to become the first company ever to have a commercial product delivered to the moon for marketing purpose. Otsuka is slated to send a titanium can packed with Pocari Sweat powder. The specially designed can weighing 2.2 pounds will function as a small billboard for the company on the earth’s closest celestial neighbor. The can will be filled with powdered sports drink, which becomes a non-carbonated, citrus flavored energy drink on being mixed with liquid.  

According to reports, the can will be carried to the lunar surface on first planned private moon-landing mission carried by the Falcon 9 rocket in October 2015. If all goes well, according to Ostuka, the advertising exploit will inspire youth to become astronauts and travel across to the lunar surface to open up the can and consume the Pocari Sweat powered energy drink. The can will be placed on the moon’s surface physically by Astrobotic Technology’s Griffin lander. Astrobotic Technology is a firm that specializes in clearing space trash.

Pocari Sweat poweder on moon

Via: TheVerge



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