Store your bicycle in style with Clug

Clug bicycle storage solution

Bike storage is not going to be the same again, as Clug gives you one more reason to believe in the possibilities of 3D printing. This small little 3D printed clip stores you bike easily and displays it in style without any hassle. Just clamp on this tiny clip onto anything solid, and your bike is good for storage in a stylish format. Not only does is store your bike in a visually appealing way but also saves space in your home or office. You can clamp it onto walls, tree trunks or wherever you think will be the right place to store your bike in style. And when your bike is not hooked on to the Clug, it looks like any other wall decoration with its cool form factor and colors.

Clug bicycle storage rack is designed by Vancouver-based Hurdler Design Studio who were bugged out with the problem of storing their bikes in office and with 3D printer in close proximity they decided to make Clug. After various experiments for coming up with the right design that would hold the bike tire securely in place without breaking after continuous hooking and unhooking.

Installing this little hook-on for your bicycle is very easy, as the packing it comes in also has the instructions to drill holes for the clipper and the gripper that bolds the bicycle tire in place. This makes Clug a removable bicycle storage solution which can be put-on in any kind of setting without any problem, all you need is a drill.
Clug cycle storage accessory which is up for funding on Kickstarter platform and 200 early pledgers will get it for free. For others too Clug won’t be that much pricey as it will have a price tag of just US$9.

This bicycle storage solution can also be 3D printed in your own liking as the 3D printing files are available for people who pledge US$5, To put it in simple words, Clug is one intuitive accessory that solves the very basic problem of storing your bicycle in any kind of setting, be it your home, office or outdoors.

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