Solar-powered Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer for rescue and relief operations

Solar-powered Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer for rescue and relief operations

Jim Turner, two times Motocross National Champion and the creator of Optibike Electric Bicycle, who got stranded in flood last September was so dejected by the grim situation in such conditions that he decided to do something about it. The roads were swept off, people had no place to charge their phones and food supplies were short. He along with two dozen industrial design students from the University of Denver got down to designing an emergency response trailer that would have all the needed supplies in case of a natural disaster. Hence, the team came up with the best ideas for developing a solar-powered Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer (BERT) which has filters to clean water, batteries to charge mobile devices and unfolds into a table for making a temporary workspace for rescue teams.

This bicycle trailer has tents and modular drawers to store all the medical supplies or electronic equipment needed during rescue and relief operations. To fine tune the design of this emergency response trailer, Jim commissioned his friend David Klein, a professor in industrial design at Metro State to decide all the design elements of this idea.

To make things interesting all the students were divided into 7 teams so that each team could come up with its own unique design. Each team had their own design but one element that was common in all the prototypes was streamlined design and stackable feature for easy transportation. It is quite possible that very soon the final design will be up and the Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer (BERT) will be used by authorities to provide rescue and relief operations in disaster struck areas.

Via: DenverPost



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