Exquisite looking Kairos Hybrid Smartwatch with transparent display to show notifications

Kairos Hybrid Smartwatch has transparent display watch

I have seen so many smartwatches that claim a lot but then in reality don’t offer much. If they do manage to have an array of features for connectivity with your smartphone, then somehow the essence of a basic watch is lost. That very mechanical feel of a watch that has made so many of us watch lovers around the world. To liven things up in the wearables market Kairos Hybrid Smartwatch manages to preserve the mechanical aesthetics of a watch but at the same time incorporate high-end smartwatch features that a modern day geek demands.

This humdinger of a smartwatch has a PMOLED transparent screen which shows all the notifications from your Android or iOS smartphone just like any other high-end smartwatch. But when you don’t want to see the any notifications or other telemetry the transparent screen just shows the underlying mechanical watch which has 42 hours of mechanical movement.

Kairos smartwatch has 3 axis accelerometer with gesture detection, gyroscope and 180mAh of battery power that makes it last for around 5-7 days on one charge. The brain of this revolutionary smartwatch is an ARM Cortex M4/Intel (TBD) processer and the 1.4 inch diameter color screen has 40% transparency for a very intuitive display method.
For now the smartwatch runs on SmartOS but the team over at Kairos is keen to implement Android Wear OS too.

Kairos Hybrid Smartwatch has transparent display watch

Apart from this the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows for push alerts from connected websites like Twitter or Whatsapp. And this smartwatch also remotely controls aspects like fitness tracking and also boasts-off and advanced chronograph with GPS enhancements.

Kairos Hybrid Smartwatch has transparent display watch

Kairos smartwatch is available for preorder from May 15th 2014 to July 1st 2014 for a discounted price from $499-$1199 depending on the model you choose. But be advised to go through the website thoroughly before placing any orders, and the video given below seems to be a virtual representation of the actual product, so make choice at your discretion when placing any order. If however Kairos Hybrid Smartwatch is as impressive in actual as shown in the video below then it is one impressive smartwatch to own.

Source: Kairos Via: AndroidAuthority



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