GetVu Augmented Reality Headset lets you interact with hand gestures in 3D

GetVu Augmented Reality Headset

If for some reason you underplayed the possibilities of Leap Motion Controller and its use in real world scenario, GetVu – world’s first true Augmented Reality Headset is here to make you believe otherwise. Leap Motion enables users to control and interact with object on screen via hand gestures. Combining Leap Motion’s advanced skeletal tracking with head mounted display (HMD), three technological wizards in India have developed the GetVu. Brainchild of Santhosh Chandrasaker, Rakesh Ramaswamy and Meenakshi Sundaram Viswanathan, GetVu is a next generation augmented reality headset that aims to let users interact with virtual objects inside their smartphones and tablets using their hand gestures in real time.

GetVu Augmented Reality Headset

Based on Android platform, and integrated with Leap Motion sensor, HMD and with customized Nexus 5 smartphone, the GetVu lets you interact with virtual objects in real 3D with sub-millimeter accuracy. The headset provides most natural hand interactions in 90 degree field of view. Which is right up there with the Oculus Rift. GetVu is the first AR headset, which uses Leap Motion sensor, and for user comfort the headset has adjustable lenses that promise true immersive experience.

GetVu Augmented Reality Headset

GetVu allows developers to create augmented reality apps, and also provides plug-ins for all Android-based AR SDK’s so developers can be more creative with their applications. In addition, GetVu hacker kit is compatible with all Android smartphones running version 4.2.2 upwards. You can simply place the smartphone inside the headset, connect it to Leap Motion sensor and enjoy application on the handset in 3D that you can interact with using hand gestures. GetVu has launched a croudfunding campaign on Indiegogo, you can head over to support.

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