First prototype of RoboLeg, a 3D printed robotic leg unveiled

3D printed robotic leg

Living by the passion of developing 3D-printed robotic prosthesis for patients who cannot afford the really expensive robotic prosthesis already available, carpenter Richard Van As and prop-maker Ivan Owen have recently released the first prototype of RoboLeg – a 3D printed robotic leg. The developer duo have previous been made famous with their creations including a robotic 3D-printed hand, 3D printed robotic arm and 3D printed robotic finger. Dubbed the Robohand, Roboarm and Robofinger respectively, the 3D files and assembling instructions of each are available for download on Thingiverse.

The new take on lower limb prosthetic is first attempt from the developer duo that operates under the name Robohand. Having excelled in their robotic 3D printed prosthetics, it’s easy for us to believe that the world would soon have this first of its kind robotic 3D printed prosthetic leg in form of the LoboLeg. Robohand has given us first glimpse of the Roboleg on their page on Facebook.

There is not enough information, but according to CNet the ‘RoboLeg is made from a combination of metal and 3D printed parts and instead of systems of cables and bungees that operate the arms and hands, the leg uses pneumatic pumps.’ Once complete, RoboHand will upload 3D files and instructions for free download from Thingiverse.

Via: CNet



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