Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder freezes Manhattan city in time

Living Moments - Lumia Arc of Wonder bullet time effect photography

Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 41-Megapixel camera and to explore its capability filmmaker Paul Trillo joined hands with Microsoft to create the Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder. Using the bullet time photography technique, Paul rigged up a contraption with 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 devices in an arc like structure. This 300 pound rig fitted with tires and moved around to random locations in Manhattan city to capture amazing arc like bullet effect photographs with Nokia Lumia’s PureView camera technology.

To trigger 50 camera shutters at the same precise movement Microsoft Surface tablet was used to wirelessly control the whole setup while the custom software designed for synchronization did the trick of putting forth an amazing photography spectacle. This project is designed for Windows 8 mobile platform by Paul and shows the capability of Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone for clicking vivid photographs in any kind of conditions.

Living Moments - Lumia Arc of Wonder bullet time effect photography

In the end Living Moments – Lumia Arc Wonder turned out be a great example of combining advanced photography technique with creativity to shoot bullet effect shots in a very different and refreshing manner. Of-course the Nokia Lumia smartphones did a great job of freezing moments in time and coming up with sequenced photographic shots that some might find a bit dizzying.

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