FDA approved Smart Pill monitors body functions for proactive healthcare

Proteus Digital Health Smart pill

Digestible pills with embedded computer chip could be the future of medical applications to track patient’s health with utmost precision and register any signs of major health issues at initial stages. The pill developed by Proteus Digital Health a.k.a Digital health feedback system, has magnesium and copper that is powered by body fluid, and activates as soon as it reaches your stomach. This pill is used for tracking overall body health, sleep patterns, heart rate, temperature and other information vital in determining a person’s overall wellness.

Combined with the wearable body patch that receives information from these indigestible sensors embedded on the pill, the user has real-time data about their health condition. The wearable patch is further connected via Bluetooth to your mobile device(s) and relays all the vital data in an understandable visual pattern via a compatible app. The wearable patch stays on the body for 7 seven days and after that it needs replacement which is just like replacing an old patch with a new one.

The wearable patch is no more than the size of a regular Band-Aid and it can be worn on the torso. Once the patient swallows this bio-sensory pill, the chip sends 16-digit code that is send to the patch. This code can be then accessed on your smartphone and if you want the information can be shared with family and doctor for analysis.

This apparently is world’s first Smart Pill (approved by Food and Drug Administration) that has bio-sensors in a one-millimeter chip and doesn’t require any power source on-board since the microchip has elements that reach with body fluid to produce the requisite energy.

Proteus Digital Health Smart pill

Image Courtesy: MobiHealthNews

Source: Proteus



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