Swim trunk with hydrophobic nanotechnology repels any kind of liquid

Frank Anthony hydrophobic nanotechnology swim trunks

Next time you get wet in the swimming pool you won’t have to worry drying your shorts in the sun. Frank Anthony’s hydrophobic nanotechnology swimwear makes it possible as these shorts don’t soak water and in fact repel it for a ultra-dry feel. Not only water but these shorts repel any kind of liquid material including coffee, soda or fruit juice. Now that is some good news for people who are in the habit of spilling their drinks or have to stay in water for extended period of time for swimming or any other outdoor activities.

These shorts are manufactured in Italy with Swiss Fabric and they don’t need any ironing or dry cleaning. Moreover they’ll last for a long time without losing its qualities, just like any other wearable cloth fabric. Even after being submerged in water for long periods of time the fabric does not lose its hydrophobic nanostructure.

These shorts are around 17 inches in length and sit just above the knee area of an average male. Frank Anthony shorts are up on Kickstarter platform for funding and will cost around $62 for the patterned shorts and $43 for the standard black and white shorts.

Franky Shaw, CEO Frank Anthony

This is a completely new and unique fabric we have developed in partnership with our supplier, and it has been tested rigorously to be able to withstand detergents, salt water, and chlorine, making it unique from other nanotechnology clothing you may have seen in the past. If we are successful, we plan on expanding our swimwear line into the female swimsuit market. We understand the market is much more competitive, but we are determined to incorporate scientific advancements in nanotechnology with swimwear to provide our users with the best possible swimming experience.

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