This trike by Nick Nowak is actually a sound sculpture!

Sennheiser MOMENTUM The Shape of Sound audio system

Nik Nowak, a berlin-based artist who is renowned for making never before seen futuristic sound systems from completely unrelated material has come up with yet another thumping creation. As a part of Spotify and Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM campaign, Nik has created Echo, an all-black machine which is a part of his own work that he calls The Shape of Sound. Resembling a futuristic vehicle or more so a BatPod, this sound system is completely movable from one location of the home to another, and that too on wheels!

With great understanding of music and the way it is produced, Nik has made the Echo sound system to be simply amazing. Not to forget that it is the best looking sound system you would come across, anytime, anywhere. The audio contraption is distributed well by integrating it in the design theme itself, and Nik has attached an extra wheel to it.

Have a look at the video below to learn more about Nik’s “The Shape of Sound” project that redefines the meaning of groovy music altogether.

NOTE: Sennheiser MOMENTUM is a campaign that features top 100 artists who have creative and innovative ideas to move forward in design and technology. The campaign is featured on Youtube as an independent channel featuring all the artists.

Source: Sennheiser



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