Next-gen health and fitness tracking wristband – The Samsung Simband

Samsung Simband  

Wearable technology is the next big thing for sure, and if you thought it will be limited to smartwatches and smart fitness tracking bracelets – here is a pleasant wake-up call. Samsung at the ‘Voice of the Body’ event in San Francisco announced the investigational wristband dubbed the Simband. Designed to provide users with real-time health and fitness information, the Simband can measure blood oxygen levels, body temperature and other vitals on a consistent basis. The wristband is developed in consultation with University of California and IMEC.


Sadly, the prototype smart wristband isn’t designed for sale, but is created to form a basis to help third party developers develop a device which features optical, acoustic and electronic sensors and can be a complete health band to collect and share lots of health data with doctors and caretakers. Enabled with multiple sensors, the Simband works with various sensors for medical purpose, the Simband also works with SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions) – a cloud-based platform for collecting and analyzing health data. The wristband for now can track heart rate, temperature, blood flow, oxygen and carbon di-oxide levels.

The Simband is powered by an ARM processor, it features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity and features a battery which charges when the user is inactive, allowing 24/7 tracking.


Via: CNet



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