Chinese man invents suitcase that doubles as an electric scooter

Multi purpose suitcase that doubles as electric scooter

Find dragging suitcases along with you on a trip really a hassle? Tired of maneuvering them through busy airports? Then you got to have look at this suitcase which doubles as a rechargeable scooter capable of transporting two adults. He Liangchai, a Chinese entrepreneur has patented a very new kind of multi-functional suitcase that is equipped with GPS navigator, burglar alarm and horn. He has made this multi-purpose suitcase from a stripped-down electric scooter and the handlebar of the suitcase acts as steering input, throttle, brake and light control.

Multi purpose suitcase that doubles as electric scooter

The suitcase has an in-built lithium-ion battery and the total weight of the suitcase is 15 pounds. On one charge it can go 37 miles (50-60 km) and has a top speed of 12 miles (20 km). Now that is impressive as it can take you from the airport to home without the need to hitch a ride, provided that it is street legal.

According to He, this electric scooter disguised in a suitcase can even be used to go around the streets in crowded cities and he has spent almost 10 years in figuring out the technical issues related to such a commuter. He apparently won the top-prize at a US-based inventors awards ceremony in 1999 for innovative car safety system.

Via: WSJ



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