Students create 3D printed hand for a 9-year old girl

9 year old 3D printed hand

3D printing is one technology that has given many disabled people a new lease of life with its huge potential to manufacture any kind of tender body parts. 3D printed limbs or arms give the wearer increased confidence and ability to do more than they can actually do. Students at Illinois high school have made a 3D printed hand for a 9-year old girl, Kylie Wicker from Rockland, Illinois, who was born without fingers on her left hand.

Getting a prosthetics hand would have cost her family nearly $50,000, so her father researched about other cheaper alternatives and 3D printing was the best option. That is when he approached Boylan Catholic High School engineering students for help in consultancy with the school teachers.

9 year old 3D printed hand

The students came up with a 3D printed hand that has cable system and plastic parts that allow the user to grasp things naturally. Incredibly the project cost just $5 and gave Kylie a reason to smile for the rest of her life as she loved her new artificial left hand. The students designed an extra hand in pink color to give the little angel one more reason to be elated by her most precious gift that she’ll ever get.

This is the reason why more 3D printers should be installed in schools and universities so that intuitive minds can explore the possibilities of 3D printing techniques. A few months back we came across another instance of a student 3D printing a prosthetic hand for a 9-year old which was one more instance of 3D printing come to the fore to give an unfortunate child new reason to rejoice.

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