Arduino powered Dalek controlled remotely with a Wiimote

Wiimote controlled Dalek made from old electric wheelchair

Making a Dalek might not solve your personal mobility issues in the long run but you can still make it for fun. James Bruton and his pals set out on making a cool looking Dalek that is crafted from wood and is accommodating enough for a full grown adult. Although the person riding it might not feel very comfortable inside it as he/she has to sit in a crouching position. This Dalek is powered by a salvaged electric wheelchair and controlled using a Wii remote control which makes it a cool weekend project for DIYers.

To control this Dalek wirelessly James used an Arduino Shrimp linked to a Raspberry Pi which receives signal from the Wiimote and moves the Dalek in desired direction. This project is almost complete with the crew looking for an enhanced control method.

To carve out the finishing touches and styling cues, James and his friends took help of a 3D printer to make the casing for hemispheres from the vending machine. Other than that the project went as planned and the skirting of the contraption also turned out good.

James and his pals detail-in on their Dalek project in the video below and have high hopes of surprising people on the streets when the project id fully complete.

Via: HackADay



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