Computex 2014: Acer Liquid Leap smartwatch plus fitness tracker

Acer Liquid Leap Smartwatch

While the likes of Pebble, Sony Smartwatch and Samsung Gear dominate the smartwatch market, and as consumer interest heats up for wearables, Acer has jumped into the bandwagon with its first-ever smartwatch. Dubbed the Liquid Leap, the Acer smartwatch is made of rubber and has a slim form factor, but it isn’t any different in appearance to most smartwatches we have seen in the past. The Liquid Leap was launched at the Computex conference in Taiwan, and is expected to hit the markets sometime in the summer this year.

Combining the facets of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker in one, the Acer’s Liquid Leap can send and receive text messages and emails, and can keep track of the user’s sleep, calories burned, steps taken and distance covered. To set it apart from the similar looking fitness trackers and smartwatches already selling in the market, Acer will make the Liquid Leap available is a series of colors including black, pink, white, orange and few other bright colors. The watch flaunts an attractive display and is expected to work only with Acer’s Liquid Jade phone for now. We are not really sure if Acer will open it up for other smartphones anytime soon.

Acer Liquid Leap Smartwatch and fitness tracker

Besides this, there isn’t much on the specs and details of the smartwatch yet, so we cannot really conclude how it will be different from the other smartwatches we have seen. But if Engadget is believed, For an estimated price tag of €99 (approx. $135), the Liquid Leap is surely a cheap bet.

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