Computex 2014: Flexible battery embedded in smartwatch strap for extra juice

ProLogium flexible battery Computex 2014

Wearables are the future and they are on the priority agenda for many electronic manufacturers. One issue that needs to be addressed is, how to power up these lightweight and thin form factor gadgets without compromising weight or design. At Computex 2014, ProLogium, a flexible battery manufacturer showed off its idea of powering up wearables like smartwatches. With the capability to integrate a thin flexible battery no thicker than 1.5mm into the strap of the smartwatch, it boosts the battery reserve of a smartwatch like Samsung Gear by almost double.

ProLogium’s flexible battery models already offer around 300mAh of battery reserve for smartwatches with the capability to boost that number to 500mAh. The fact that these batteries are solid state lithium ceramic batteries makes them ideal for wearables.

Engadget got their hands-on one of the flexible battery strap for smartwatch at Computex 2014 and for now it is a casing that would your existing smartwatch. It remains to be seen how this idea goes further and manages to impress big manufacturers and ultimately the prospect buyers.

ProLogium flexible battery Computex 2014

Source: Engadget Via: Gizmodo



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