Donor Cable bracelet transfers battery power from one smartphone to the other

Donor Cable bracelet for smartphones

Every new startup dreams of creating something useful for the society, achieving a noble cause on this enterpreneuring path and of-course be hugely successful. A project managed to hit the nail on the head and achieve everything a start-up would dream of accomplishing. In a game changing alliance, Y&R Moscow joined hands with Azerbaijani cellular network Nar Mobile to come up with a wearable device dubbed “Donor Cable” that lets one smartphone donate power to another one when in need.

Donor Cable bracelet for smartphones

The idea is simple, just connect a cable that can be worn as a bracelet, and whenever your smartphone needs emergency power, another smartphone can be connected to the other end of this bracelet for battery power transfer.

But what makes it unique is the message that is written on the inward section of the bracelet. “Donate energy to save a phone, and donate blood to save a life.” This message, combined with the project’s plan to have blood donation camps just in the vicinity of the Nar stores made it all possible.

Anyone purchasing an Android smartphone from the Nar stores was given a free Donor Cable bracelet. This prompted them to donate blood and incredibly this project manages to increase the number of blood donors by 335%.

The project immediately spread like wildfire and even gained attention from celebrities and media. Clearly this project managed to spread a very important message while solving your temporary smartphone battery issues.

Via: AdWeek



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