Samsung Smart Bike eyes to keep bikers safe on the road

Samsung Smart Bike

Every year the mortality rate of bikers on the roads is rising in Italy, and according to a survey conducted by ITAT (National Institute of Statistics) it is evident that bicycles are the most unsafe to drive. Inspired to make the road safer for bicycle riders, Maestro Giovanni Pelizzoli, world renowned frame builder and Alice Biotti, a young student at Samsung Maestros Academy came up with a next gen bike design that you’ll fall in love with.

Samsung Smart Bike grabbed attention of media at the Milan Design Week for its innovative design that incorporates a curvy aluminum tube frame which lessens the vibration of body during bumpy rides for comfortable commuting in cities and their outskirts too.

Fully integrated with the Samsung smartphone, The Samsung Smart Bike four laser projectors controlled by an Arduino module which project on the road to indicate the biker’s lane and also alert other motorists on a blind turn. These lasers are automatically toggled on/off depending on the light conditions. Along with that the integrated camera relays live feed on the smartphone of the motorists coming from behind to avoid any accidents.

The Bicycle also has WiFi module and Bluetooth for seamless connectivity with your Samsung smartphone to initiate GPS functionality. For example, the most visited routes are automatically highlighted on the smartphone and it even sends alerts to the authorities so that they can convert such roads into bike lanes if required.



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