$80 MOTA Smartwatch G2 amalgamates style with functionality

MOTA Smartwatch G2

When a trend sets-in it takes everything out of the equation and a race to become the best in that trend wave can make or break a brand’s fortune. MOTA SmartWatch G2 is another entrant to the highly competitive smartwatch market with a very fresh approach towards design. This new smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, with quick connectivity courtesy Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology.

MOTA SmartWatch G2 is built to make it easier for the user to take up calls, send email, search the web or check weather forecast and more. The smartwatch is designed from lightweight, yet robust material for superior performance with integrated premium speakers, a microphone and vibrant OLED screen.

This all makes possible, the hands-free communication or searching for content on the web without the need to hold your smartphone. It offers around 180 minutes of talk time and around 72 hours in standby mode. To make sure that your smartphone is never lost when outdoor or travelling, the smartwatch has Anti-Loss feature to notify the user when smartphone is approximately 20 feet away.

MOTA Smartwatch G2 is going to be available in North America in Q4, 2014 for the retail price of $80 and you can pre-order it right away from their website.

MOTA Smartwatch G2

MOTA Smartwatch G2

MOTA Smartwatch G2



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    That would be great if the warning was a mild shock when the phone gets out of reach!

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