Is Apple iWatch health-tracking smartwatch just around the corner?

Apple iWatch smartwatch

Apple iWatch smartwatch and health fitness tracking wearable device might be just around the corner as they hinted on an upgraded operating system for mobile devices at the WWDC 2014. Although Apple didn’t say much about the exact wearables they are developing but all the pieces of the puzzle point towards a smartwatch that is going to be one step above all the other smartwatches currently on offer. Everything that Apple hinted at WWDC 2014 pin-points towards the iWatch which is going to be a high-end health tracking device with all the upbeat features of a cool smartwatch. By all probability we could see Apple iWatch smartwatch be revealed in the month of October by Apple.

The smartwatch is going to have a curved OLED display which is going to be thinner, brighter and power efficient. This will make sure that the smartwatch has a really good battery backup as majority of the battery is sapped by the display.Other than that it will have hands-free calling, text reply and voice search options reminiscent of most of the smartwatches on offer these days. But don’t be surprised if Apple do offer some unique features and functionality in their health-tracking smartwatch.

Reports also say that Apple will integrate health tracking features into this smartwatch, as Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple announced company’s interest in health-monitoring services. iWatch smartwatch will keep a track of user’s health-related data like calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood glucose level and blood oxygen levels. Apple revelaed its partnership with some high profile hospitals including Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic, U.S. health institutes based in Minnesota and Ohio. Thus, supporting Apple’s interest in making a health tracking smartwatch even further.

As Nikkie reports, an undisclosed parts manufacturer Apple is rearing to go with their smartwatch as they have plans to make around 3-5 million units which is really big. Rumor has it that Apple in looking for a strategic partnership with Nike to integrate their services in the future.

Source: Nikkie



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