World’s first chocolate quadcopter you can fly and eat

Chocolate quadcopter

It’s a crazy world this; and DIY-ers make it crazier. Case in point a DIY chocolate quadcopter – four-rotor drone made from a mix of white and dark chocolate. The aircraft billed as world’s first chocolate quadcopter not only flies but is edible too. Brainchild of Youtube user and Zurich–resident Mike C and his girlfriend, the remote controlled drone was first built as a wooden prototype and then a silicone mold was created from it, which was filled with chocolate. All the motors, wiring, battery and flight controllers were mounted on extended steel and Styrofoam spacers to prevent chocolate from melting with the hot components on board.

The couple of Mike, an avid quadcopter designer and his girlfriend, a baker and chocolate enthusiast have filled the copter-shaped mold with 1kg of dark chocolate and 100g of white chocolate. After pouring the chocolate, they then let the chocolate set in the fridge before the blades and motor were attached and the drone was flown.

Via: HackADay/Technabob/Gizmodo



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