Transformer Convoy Pen is also an Optimus Prime action figure

Transformer Convoy Pen

A writing instrument that transforms into an Optimus Prime, Transformer like figurine. This pen called as Transformer Convoy Pen by Sentinel might not be as comfortable to hold as you would like, but it is cool alright. When being used as a pen it is 10.5cm while in the Transformer mode it become a 14.3cm-long Optimus Prime toy.

Transformer Convoy Pen

Use it for writing, just play with it in your pass time or just put it on your desk for that geeky feel, Transformer Convey Pen is one to have for geeky blokes or kids fantasized by robotics and reel life heroes.

It’s not surprising that this cool pen is the creation of a Japanese firm, and comes with a price tag of 3,582 Japanese Yen (USD $35).

Transformer Convoy Pen



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