Charge your phone while walking with these power generating shoes [w/video]

Mobile device charging shoe by Angelo Casimiro
We have seen many solar-powered gadgets and use of other energy sources to generate electricity before. But, what if we told you that you can produce electric energy with your footsteps to charge mobile devices? Well, it is actually possible with these ‘power generating shoes’ unearthed at Google Science Fair 2014, all thanks to, a 15-year-old boy Angelo Casimiro from Philippines. This teenager has come up with a technology to produce energy from an individual’s footsteps and convert the energy into electricity to charge mobile phones or other small battery-powered devices. The technology is quite reminiscent to the one used in shoe charger invented by Rajesh Adhikari that we featured couple of months ago.

Mobile device charging shoe by Angelo Casimiro

These shoes are basically installed with a piezoelectric device, which is made up of a crystal sandwiched between two electrodes, into soles. The device generates electrical sensation on a slight vibration or movement and can be used for such functionality. Similarly, Casimiro installed the device inside insoles of the shoes, which create electrical impulses every time you walk and thereby charge your mobile devices.

Power Generating Shoes

The transducers installed in the shoes create electricity when bend by the weight of a person while moving around. Casimiro tested the phenomenon recently and charged a mobile phone with 10-minutes of battery life after playing basketball for about two hours. It is not much productive yet, but it is just at the initial stage of development and will require more efficient resources to charge the full battery of smartphone in a shorter time duration. If that happens then, these shoes will definitely bring revolution to generate electric power in areas with limited power access.

Power Generating Shoes

Mobile device charging shoe by Angelo Casimiro_1

# Testing the power generating shoes in prototype stage

Via: Gizmodo


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