Ringly buzzes on your finger when there is a notification on smartphone

Ringly Smart Ring

Forget smartwatches or other contemporary wearables as smart technology is now launched in a new shape with bling, especially for women. The New York start-up has recently unveiled Ringly, a stylish smart ring that alerts the wearer about smartphone notifications, texts or phone calls by vibrating and blinking a flash of light on its stone. Christina Mercando, CEO and cofounder of Ringly, created this smart ring to offer an easy solution to all busy women who usually miss out important phone calls, texts or notifications because they cannot hear the phone ringing in their purse.

Ringly Smart Ring

The smart ring runs on a battery that can last for 2-3 days after charging and comes with Ringly’s free downloadable app. The app supports all Android or iOS device and connect to them easily via Bluetooth LE, which is installed within the ring. Tiny LEDs are also embedded in the ring that flashes light every time your phone receives a notification.

Ringly Smart Ring

The app also includes a feature to customize the details of each phone notification, so you’ll get to know who is calling you or texting, by simply looking at a color on your ring. You can also create notifications when someone likes your post on your social profiles.

Ringly Smart Ring

Ringly comes in four different colored stones – Black Onyx, Emerald, Pink Sapphire, Rainbow Moonstone, all plated in 18K gold. As for now you can only pre-order the ring on its official website each for $145, and shipping is expected to start at the fall of 2014. This beautifully crafted tiny wearable technology will surely never let you miss a single notification from your loved ones.

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