Parrot Flying Sumo and Rolling Spider drone available for pre-order

Parrot Jumping Sumo drone and rolling spider drone

At CES 2014 Parrot unveiled their Jumping Sumo and MiniDrone robots, but there was no word about the pricing or availability of these drones. Now, five months later there is good news from Parrot as they have announced the pricing and availability of these drones, along with the release of their latest variant the rolling spider.

# Parrot Jumping Sumo

Parrot Jumping Sumo drone

Jumping Sumo is an ultra-responsive UAV that can roll, move in circles, take instant 90 degree turns and jump up to a height of 80cm. The drone has two different modes courtesy the adjustable wheels which open up slightly for greater stability at high-speed and re-tract back in compact mode for narrow turns and enhanced agility.

Parrot Jumping Sumo drone

Parrot Jumping Sumo is also loaded with a wide angle camera that streams live view on the smartphone or tablet being used to maneuver it around. The drone is compatible with iOS, Android and will have support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Parrot Jumping Sumo will be available for pre-order in July at the price of US $159.

# Parrot Rolling Spider

Parrot Jumping Sumo drone and rolling spider drone

This drone by Parrot is built for agility and flying sessions either indoors or outdoors with maximum precision and speed. Owing to its removable wheels it can roll from floor to the ceiling and fly in the air.

Parrot rolling spider drone

Parrot Rolling Spider has 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope that precisely measures each move of the drone and in autopilot mode corrects the position of rolling spider. This ultra-compact drone weighs just 55 grams and will be available in three cool color options. All that just for the price of US $99, now that is one toy to have in your closet.

Source: Parrot



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