WiMe NanoSmart: A smartwatch that can be used in 5 different modes

WiMe Nanosmart smartwatch

Smartwatches are the trend these days and the end-user is always on the lookout for a smartwatch that is easy to use and ultra-durable. WiMe Nanosmart smartwatch is one of those wearables that is tailor-made for your requirements. Whether you want to answer calls on the go, listen to music or maybe even the local radio station. WiMe touts it as a trendy mini GSM phone with a SIM card slot that syncs with your Android or iOS smartphone courtesy the NanoSmart app.

NanoSmart has a 1.54 inch LCD Touch Display with 240 x 240 resolution and boasts a 256 MB ROM. There is 4GB of internal memory and the battery capacity of 300mAh lasts quite a distance. Most of all it weighs just 30 grams, making it a useful gizmo to carry around.

WiMe Nanosmart smartwatch

WiMe NanoSmart can be used in 5 different modes

What’s interesting about WiMe NanoSmart Smartwatch is its design that allows you to use it in five different ways. One day you could be wearing it as a simple smartwatch and then on another day you could be hanging it around your neck as cool gadget.

Although WiMe NanoSmart failed to accomplish the funding goal at Indiegogo but still it managed to get into production. That means you can have your own WiMe NanoSmart smartwatch for just US $89.99.

Source: WiMe



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