Nike Rebento duffel – 3D printed sports bag for select Fifa World Cup players

Nike Rebento bag 3D printed chins

FIFA World Cup 2014 is just hours away from taking off and it doesn’t get bigger than this in the sporting arena. Nike has used this opportunity to put forth a 3D printed duffel bag that perfectly amalgamates sports, technology and fashion. Nike Rebento Duffel (Rebento is ‘explode’ in Portuguese) is so exclusive that it will be presented to just three players in the current World Cup; namely Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Since the bag is 3D printed it is lightweight and has a durable flex structure for any kind of environment or usage.

Made from special laser sintering technology the bag takes design references from Nike’s premium football shoes – the Magista and Mercurial. The base of this exclusive duffel bag is also made from laser sintering technique, similar to the Flyknit design on the sides. The 3D printed structure of this bag is enclosed by handcrafted premium leather straps and all the components are fitted together without the use of glue.

Nike Rebento bag 3D printed chins

Along with the bag engraved with the names of these players, they will have a set of shin guards made of a 3D printed honeycomb design. Called as Mercurial Flylite, the shin guards act as tiny little shock absorbers since they are made from specially formulated 3D printed material.

It is expected that this duffel bag is going to be available for other players and fans too, but for now Nike has hit the nail on the head by releasing this exclusive bag for players at the FIFA World Cup 2014. As for the Mercurial Flylite shin guards. they are going to be available in Nike stores from July 1, 2014.

According to Martin Lotti, Creative Director for Nike Football

We wanted to create something that was truly special for the game’s greatest players. We did this by utilizing one of the most cutting-edge technologies – 3D printing – to make a bag that is unlike anything else.

Source: Nike



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