3D-printed strapless dress turns transparent when sharing personal data online

3D printed Strapless Dress x.pose

We often have more control over what we display on our bodies than what personal information to share online. We never think too much before sharing any information online, thus, making ourselves more transparent or ‘naked’ online. This real world nakedness is combined with online transparency in a very unique way by designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira in form of a 3D-printed strapless dress called x.pose. This 3D-printed dress is correctly named x.pose as it literally exposes your skin based on your location, and how much amount of data you share online.

3D printed Strapless Dress x.pose

Chen created the dress using a Rhino 3D modeler and a 3D printer. Then, she developed a mobile app using Node.js and PhoneGap to track the user’s data and location. Through the same app, all the collected data was transmitted into this 3D-printed dress. The dress receives information about all online data sharing conveniently via Bluetooth.

3D printed Strapless Dress x.pose

The dress includes milky-white opaque panels in its web-like design. These opaque panels start to turn transparent when the wearer starts to share more and more data online. The panels are made of electro chromic film with an Arduino processor that send the charge to the whitish film to turn clear within microseconds on receiving a signal through the app when data is shared online.

3D printed Strapless Dress x.pose

The more data the wearer shares, more this dress will expose wearer’s body depicting, how less control we have over online social world. So, better watch out data sharing on your social profiles when you step out of your house wearing the ‘x.pose’ dress.

Via: Engadget


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